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The ANDRITZ Group relies on hybrid solution with KNX and EnOcean

Author: Stefan Mainka, Marketing & Business Development, BAB TECHNOLOGIE
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The international ANDRITZ technology group, based in Graz, Austria, employs approximately 25,500 people worldwide. The ANDRITZ GROUP is one of the world’s leading suppliers of systems, equipment and services for hydroelectric power plants, the pulp and paper industry, the metalworking industry and the steel industry as well as municipal and industrial separation of solids and liquids. ANDRITZ’s corporate headquarters in Graz were equipped with KNX and EnOcean components in hybrid fashion. The Vienna-based Siblik company supervised the project and was also responsible for the rollout.

Bab Technologie The ANDRITZ Group relies on hybrid solution with KNX and EnOcean

EIBPORT V3 links the building control to the Ethernet network and applies visualization, automation and integration of third party applications. Thus, KNX and EnOcean components can ideally be connected.

The best of both worlds

Components such as sensors, actuators and gateways, along with the most beneficial bus system in each case, were selected based on the functionality required and the local conditions and linked to each other intelligently via EIBPORT.

Extensive function portfolio for an efficient working environment

The system was built upon an IP base. The individual lines are interconnected via line and IP routers. The efficient and especially comfortable individual room control in the office areas was implemented with EnOcean V3 EIBPORTs, which provide control and automation functions. Multiple EIBPORTs are distributed among the different office wings and are also used as IP and EnOcean interfaces. Ninety percent of all functions, such as light control, shading and room temperature control, are controlled via maintenance-free EnOcean components from Eltako and Thermokon. A total of 1,384 KNX and 688 self-powered EnOcean components were installed.

Bab Technologie The ANDRITZ Group relies on hybrid solution with KNX and EnOcean

ANDRITZ Group counts on latest technologies. In its headquarter, it benefits from an optimized working atmosphere and reduced energy consumption thanks to a combination of KNX- and EnOcean-based solutions.

Integrated functions and disciplines

  • Complete lighting control indoors and outdoors
  • Switched feeder—grounding contact, display elements, etc.
  • Complete outdoor shading—blinds, louvers and anti-glare shields
  • Complete individual room control throughout the building – EnOcean and KNX
  • Integration of status messages as well as error messages, including forwarding to GLT

Products used

A total of nearly 1,400 KNX and 700 EnOcean components, such as thermostats and pushbuttons, were installed. Products manufactured by BAB TECHNOLOGIE, Berker, Theben, Elsner, Thermokon and Eltako were used.

Values such as basic setpoint defaults and operating modes (heating or cooling mode) are preset by the building control system. The EIBPORT then handles control as well as communication with the KNX heating actuators. The EIBPORT’s intuitive visualization function allows all relevant functions in each office wing to be controlled individually, for example lighting control, shading and room temperature. Its extensive automation functions guarantee an optimized working climate as well as low energy consumption without neglecting individual user preferences.

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