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mTRONIC – the security specialist from MACO

Author: Stefan Wajand, Product Management, MACO Group
Issue 02-2018: read all articles online read as pdf

The mTRONIC multisensor monitors every window in partnership with the tried-and-tested EnOcean wireless technology. The small security pro is always active and keeps a constant eye on the window status. It thus makes life difficult for thieves.

Security 24/7 thanks to mTRONIC: Is the window open, closed or tilted? The multisensor detects the window status via a magnet. Although other sensors do the same, MACO takes a slightly different approach: The smart mTRONIC not only records the window status but also tracks its operation. If the windows are pried open in the closed or tilted position, the sensor transmits an alarm signal without being activated. The signal can then be processed locally by the signal transmitter or in a gateway of a smart home system. MACO uses the reliable and low-emitting EnOcean wireless protocol, making it perfectly easy to combine mTRONIC with all common smart home Systems; the Somfy TaHoma box is available as of October 2018. The window can thus also be monitored remotely with a smart phone.

Comfort and security

It is also possible to secure the building locally by coupling the long-lived mTRONIC with indoor sirens or light signals, thus “arming” the monitoring system. Upgrading to a smart home can thereby be done at any time without problems. Thanks to modern wireless equipment, the multisensor thus becomes a building security jack-of-all-trades for windows, sliding elements and entrance doors. When it comes to comfort, the system again leads the way. For example, the digital solution makes it possible to turn down the heat when the mTRONIC signals “window open.”

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