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Smart awning control with Omnio

Author: Beat Zbinden, Product Manager Omnio, AWAG Elektrotechnik AG
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Omnio E-Bridge connects different zones within a building via an RS485 bus and ensures bidirectional n:n connections with EnOcean wireless technology at both ends. This makes it possible to easily implement any central commands even in large buildings without requiring expensive control systems.

Smart awning control with OmnioThe headquarters of Marché International in Kemptthal was the first office building in Switzerland to have a real zero energy balance when it was completed. It is certified with the Minergie-P Eco label and plays a pioneering role in Switzerland’s world of ecological architecture. True to the principles of sustainability, health and community, which the company follows in its restaurants, the building is not only energy-efficient, but its workstations also have a pleasant and inspiring design. The building won the main prize under the 2008 European Building-Integrated Solar Technology Award, among others.

Open and expandable

During the course of modernizing the awning control system, the three-story wooden structure was equipped with Omnio E-Bridge. The most important consideration was to provide a cost-effective and expandable solution, based on open technology, for controlling the required automation tasks. RS485 gateways and 4-channel blind actuators were used, which were mounted in distributor boxes floor-by-floor on the east and west sides of the building.

Each awning can thus be conveniently operated individually from the workstation via a maintenance-free handheld transmitter, and another handheld transmitter is used as a central switch for controlling all awnings.


An outdoor sensor collects the weather data and forwards it to the Omnio evaluation unit. If wind or rain threatens, the awnings are raised for protection, while they are lowered if the sunshine is too intense.

The temperature is controlled via a room sensor, which measures the temperature inside the building, and can be simultaneously used to enter the setpoint. If the building gets too hot, the awnings are lowered to maintain the room climate.

A year time switch is also integrated into the system, which can be configured individually by the user. This ensures that the system can respond quickly and without complications to extraordinary or irregular events.

Smart awning control with Omnio

Customizable to individual requirements

The Omnio E-Bridge is controlled by one of the blind actuators, which is configured as a master in addition to its normal function. Any Omnio REG actuator can be programmed as the master. The E-Tool software is used to configure the overall system.

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