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Multi-function with appealing design: EasySens “Joy SR FUNK” fancoil/room controller

Author: Nicholas Berns, Marketing, Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH
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Appealing design, intuitive operation and flexible enough to adapt to most diverse requirements: The EasySens “JOY SR FUNK” fancoil/room controller from Thermokon makes for an efficient and comfortable climate control in room applications.

The visual experience is already convincing – a flat housing, precious touch interface made of scratch-proof glass, a power button framed in an exclusive stainless steel ring as well as the large and clear backlit display provide for a unique user experience. The LCD screen shows current HVAC values and settings. The three different EasySens EnOcean models with RS485 interface provide flexible building infrastructures that meet customer requirements and Permit integration into the existing BMS.

Energy efficiency at the point

Further energy-efficiency functions are included already. One contributing factor is the ECO function, which intelligently adapts HVAC functions (e.g. set temperature and fan stage) to current demands and thereby saves resources while still allowing for individual user profiles.

Also additional functions/sensors e.g. dew-point sensors, window contacts or key-card switches can be logically connected by using the digital inputs of the “JOY SR”. Changeover applications can be realized either with an external temperature sensor or digital relay input.

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