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Smart panic buttons

Author: François Pillet, Export Sales Manager, TRIO2SYS
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It is a common thing to see switches installed where they can be seen and accessed easily by anyone but in some cases they need to remain “in the background”.

TRIO2SYS Smart panic buttons

During talks with a nationwide insurance company, several stories of emergency cases and aggressions were brought to the attention of TRIO2SYS. The question asked by this company was simple: how to avoid such situations and help our employees feel safer at work?

In choosing the EnOcean technology, the benefits proved to be a decisive factor. Wireless and batteryless switches can be placed freely under the clerk’s desk, and the EnOcean radio signal is used in a variety of applications. This flexibility was a great advantage in terms of planning, optimization and cost competitiveness in comparison with any wired system.

TRIO2SYS Smart panic buttons

More security for over 500 agencies

Examples of use cases include the activation of a siren connected to an EnOcean DIN RAIL relay and the automatic sending of an emergency SMS to a private security operative or calling emergency stations automatically, thanks to a local 3G gateway installed in the agency.

TRIO2SYS Smart panic buttonsThe standalone configuration also reassured employees as they knew that the system will trigger the alarm even if the Internet connection is temporarily off. Moreover, the absence of batteries also guarantees operability over years. Overall, more than 500 agencies have been equipped with smart panic buttons and accessories. Deployment was carried out by TRIO2SYS teams within five months throughout France.

A model for other application

Since then, other partners have expressed interest in such alert systems. In schools and public buildings for instance, smart panic buttons are a solution of choice in case of an attack or an emergency. In the coming months, several primary Schools on the outskirts of Rouen will be equipped with this smart and non-intrusive system.

TRIO2SYS Smart panic buttonsThis project is a relevant example to demonstrate the adequacy of wireless and battery-free solutions to bring existing assets into the age of smart buildings.

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