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Retrofitting buildings with voice assistants makes them smarter

Author: Günther Ohland, GO Redaktionsbüro
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Speech is the natural means of communication between people. No wonder that voice assistants such as Google Assistant are enjoying increasing popularity worldwide. BAB Technologie offers Google Assistant Integration for its APP MODULE, a solution for controlling smart homes and buildings, which is easy to install even as a retrofit.

BAB Technologies Retrofitting buildings with voice assistants makes them smarterMany people, especially elderly homeowners, dream of the day when they can simply use voice commands to tell their house or apartment what to do. The desire for more comfortable living is just as good a motivation as the desire for an operating aid to assist with physical limitations. Instead of flipping a switch on the wall, all you need to do is say, “Hello Google, lower the blinds in the living room,” thanks to the voice assistant. Of course, the voice assistant can’t do this all on its own. It also needs an electric blind drive, associated control electronics and a smart home system.

The technological backbone

With its APP MODULE and the APP MARKET applications, BAB Technologie now offers the right solution for new installations as well as retrofits of existing smart homes. APP MODULE – a rail-mounted element – works not only with EnOcean components but also with KNX and many IP-based ones. As a result, even in long-standing buildings with building automation based on EnOcean technology or KNX, actuators, dimmers, roller/venetian blinds, temperatures, LED colors or color temperatures can be controlled with voice commands.

Light switches and voice assistants as a future-oriented duo

A voice command system will not replace the light switch; after all even visitors should be able to get their bearings without any technological barriers. However, locally operating lights and venetian blinds or calling up light scenes on a smart phone makes less and less sense, thanks to voice assistants. Just the ability to add voice assistant control to existing systems has been met with a great deal of interest among many people.

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