Smart Lighting

Turn on the lights with an accessible click

Author: Christiane Strathaus, Product Management, HEWI
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A self-powered EnOcean switch controls the LED light on HEWI tilting mirrors via Bluetooth

HEWI offers its new LED Plus tilting mirror with a self-powered EnOcean wireless switch. It meets HEWI’s high standards for accessible, retrofittable solutions, thanks to maintenance-free energy harvesting technology and flexible positioning.

HEWI, a global supplier of hardware and sanitary systems, has combined its latest LED Plus tilting mirror with a self-powered EnOcean wireless switch as an innovative solution for the bathroom. Users can thus control the LED light via Bluetooth with a single click for flexible and individual placement. The maintenance-free and wireless switch fits perfectly into HEWI’s product strategy for accessible and easily retrofittable solutions.

A tilting mirror with individual light functions

Tilting mirrors are used primarily in renovations of existing buildings. Their tilt mechanism makes them especially suitable in assisted living situations for seniors or people with limited mobility. To increase user comfort even further, HEWI has added integrated lighting to its new Series 801 tilting mirrors. Users can flexibly adjust the light on the mirror according to their individual needs. In addition to the steplessly adjustable light temperature from warm white to cool white (3,000 to 6,500 Kelvin), the light intensity can also be dimmed. The self-powered EnOcean switch does it all.

Control via the Casambi network

The LED Plus version of the tilting mirror integrates a Drees control unit with a Casambi module. This module receives and processes the Bluetooth signal from the self-powered EnOcean switch whenever the pushbutton is pressed. The switch is connected to the control unit and also trained to it ex works, so that the user can begin using it immediately after mounting the mirror. If a Casambi network already exists, or if the user would like to control the mirror from the Casambi app, the app can be downloaded free of charge and used to control the mirror lighting—in addition to the switch.

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