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JÄGER DIREKT’s new service to upgrade your home with no renovation work

Author: Christoph, Klee, Marketing Director, JÄGER DIREKT
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Under the hashtag #UpgradeYourHome, JÄGER DIREKT is offering smart home users a new comprehensive service. It is specifically designed for homeowners and Apple users who want to choose the easiest way to create a smart home and turn their house into an Apple HomeKit™ home. The highlight of this service is that, for a fixed price, the system can be upgraded without any renovations in just one day.

Jäger Direkt's new service to upgrade your home with no renovation work

The package solutions offer increased security, comfort and energy efficiency at home and are based on OPUS greenNet. This means JÄGER DIREKT is the first and so far only company on the market to sell a range of flush-mounted switches with “Works with Apple HomeKit” certification and based on the EnOcean wireless standard. The OPUS SmartHome Gateway connects the networking protocol to Apple HomeKit. The EnOcean wireless technology enables devices to be controlled wirelessly from wall transmitters that can be freely positioned.

The system, which grows flexibly and entirely according to the needs of each homeowner, has also impressed experts. In May 2019, SmartHome Initiative Deutschland presented OPUS greenNet with the SmartHome Deutschland Award 2019 in the “Best Product” category.

As part of the new service, JÄGER DIREKT will do all the heavy lifting for homeowners and Apple users. Once users contact them, the company from Hesse in Central Germany will find planning partners and smart home designers to check the initial state of the wiring at their home, create a customized plan and perform the required upgrade at a guaranteed fixed price.

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