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Open Lab Smart Home: Vimar focuses on interoperability

Author: Alessandro Ravagnin, Systems Marketing Manager, Vimar
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Open Lab Smart Home. Living in the future with the smart objects of today” is the name of a project initiated by the IoTLAB of Milan Polytechnic University. The goal is to show how important the interoperability of different technologies and smart devices is for the growing smart home market.

Vimar took part in the project with enthusiasm, providing a number of smart devices for the project – in particular, the wireless switches for controlling the wireless Philips Hue lamps, based on energy harvesting technology from EnOcean.

Vimar Interoperability

The wireless switches are the perfect interpretation of the philosophy underlying the Open Lab Smart Home project, overcoming one of the main obstacles of smart home technologies: the interoperability of devices from different manufacturers.

The Vimar wireless switches operate perfectly with all the products of the main players in the lighting design sector, enabling the direct control – also via app – of smart lamps.

Thanks to the wide range of design options that perfectly match the Eikon, Arké and Plana series in terms of personalized shapes, materials and colors, the wireless switches blend harmoniously into any living area.

The wireless switches can be placed almost anywhere – even on glass or wood – and offer maximum installation flexibility with no need for masonry work and without having to repaint walls. This is because they don’t require any cables. The signal is transmitted via radio and the switches generate the required energy by simply pressing a button. This means that even batteries are unnecessary, so there is no need to replace or dispose of them.

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