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With LAE Engineering ready for EnOcean

Author: Steffen Eiternick, EnOcean Radio Field Measurement Team, LAE Engineering
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Whether it’s an airport, shopping mall, residential complex with underground parking or office complex, whether it’s a new or existing building, EnOcean radio field measurement makes your building ready for EnOcean. Radio field measurement from LAE Engineering provides a detailed display of the quality of wireless coverage for each floor and room, thus making shadows caused by damping materials such as reinforced concrete walls visible.

The aim of the LAE service is to speed up commissioning and save on rework. Professional radio field measurement shows where reliable radio coverage – and thus contact with all actuators and sensors with EnOcean radio technology – is available in a building. Planners can use the results to determine where additional receivers/antennas are needed. If the results of the measurement are “full radio coverage”, customers can be sure that their building is ready for EnOcean. There is no need to remount sensors and switches.

LAE Engineering ready for EnOcean

With radio field measurement, LAE avoids delays in the planning and construction phases. This procedure ensures compatibility and correct dimensioning.

Verified measurement protocol as result

While still in the office, LAE checks the positioning of the planned radio radii in the floor plan. The LAE team takes shadows caused by damping materials such as reinforced concrete walls into account and includes the positions of sensors, actuators and gateways. As part of the actual on-site measurement, LAE measures and records the radio field coverage in reality. The result is a verified measurement protocol that represents radio coverage.

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