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ALADIN WAVE – contactless switching in times of COVID-19

Author: Fritz Liechti, CEO, Flextron AG
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Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, Flextron AG from Switzerland launched a brand-new switch technology with the EnOcean protocol: the contactless ALADIN WAVE proximity switch.

No one had any idea that our everyday lives would change completely a short time later or that hygiene, protection against viruses and contactless operation to avoid smear infections would become so important. Equally rapid was the growth in demand for door and light controls in hospitals, nursing homes and public buildings that could be immediately equipped with contactless ALADIN WAVE proximity switches (which detect hand movements at a distance of up to 10 cm).

To protect employees and customers, retail stores have often been retrofitted with the new contactless ALADIN WAVE Mini switch, which detects hand movements even through glass or partition walls made of acrylic glass. When combined with the new ALADIN Bell wireless doorbell, which can also be quickly and easily installed by the operator as a power outlet unit, restaurants, hotels, doctor’s offices, etc. meet the challenge of continuing to operate under the new safety rules despite a smaller staff.

Flextron ALADIN WAVE – contactless switching in times of COVID-19

ALADIN WAVE devices operate with extremely small amounts of energy. The button battery used thus promises a service life of more than ten years. This was achieved through a technology partnership with Picosens. The ALADIN WAVE devices also enjoy the benefits of EnOcean wireless technology and are compatible with the existing product portfolio of ALADIN actuators.

Flextron is a leading provider of EnOcean wireless technology in Switzerland and has been offering a wide range of products for more than 15 years.

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