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Smart office reduces energy usage by 23 percent

Author: Grzegorz Lehmann, CTO, IOLITE
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IOLITE offers a complete solution package for building smart spaces, covering the entire digitalization lifecycle – from planning and consulting, through installation, to support. IOLITE’s platform approach enables scalable and flexible deployments in different types of buildings, including family houses, multi-story residential properties, offices and schools.

IOLITE IQ GmbH, a joint venture of IOLITE GmbH and Deutsche Wohnen Beschaffung und Beteiligung GmbH, has developed a sustainable and maintenance-free solution to transform office spaces into energy-efficient, comfortable and healthy smart offices.

IOLITE Smart office reduces energy usage by 23 percent

Pilot project in Berlin

In a pilot project in Berlin, an existing office space was retrofitted with EnOcean components connected to a touchscreen gateway running IOLITE platform software. The hardware included solar-powered motion, temperature and humidity sensors, energy-harvesting heating valves and rocker switches that transform the mechanical energy of a button-press. In addition, an existing KNX bus was connected with the IOLITE gateway in order to control HVAC.

For an objective energy efficiency evaluation, one of two symmetrical wings of the office space was digitalized and one was left as is. During the winter heating period, the energy usage of the former was reduced by 23%.

Smart office spaces

The IOLITE software platform supports a wide range of IoT use cases, including adaptive heating as well as window blind and lighting control. For example, users of an office space can configure heating routines per room and day of the week via an intuitive app or the touch-based, wall-mounted gateway. Presence monitoring automates the lighting, while window blinds are adjusted based on the sun’s current position.

IOLITE Smart office reduces energy usage by 23 percent

Compliant with data protection regulations

The facility management teams can analyze insights generated by IOLITE’s data analytics components and presented in a central building dashboard. The solution does not require a constant cloud connection and runs on premise, giving customers the option of absolute data privacy.

The IOLITE solution package includes

  • Planning and consulting
  • Renovation-free installation of devices, sensors and gateways
  • Intuitive user interfaces in app or on wall-mounted touchscreens
  • Building dashboard with data analytics insights for facility management teams
  • Compatibility with industry standards (e.g. EnOcean, KNX)
  • OTA Updates, 1st and 2nd level support
  • Flexible deployment options: on-premise or cloud

As our office spaces evolve in the post-COVID-19 world, smart building technologies like IOLITE will support social distancing and reduce physical interaction with devices (such as switches or heating valves) by means of intelligent automation.

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