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NodOn – Control lighting with your foot

Author: Coralie Feillault, Marketing & Communications Project Manager, NodOn
Issue 02-2020: read all articles online read as pdf

In response to COVID-19, NodOn has developed a solution to fight the spread of the virus. The French company has designed the Floor Switch, a new device using EnOcean technology to control lighting with a foot to ensure health and safety.

The smart solution is composed of a floor switch to turn the light ON/OFF without touching wall switches. It works with an ON/OFF lighting relay switch and allows anyone to activate the lighting with their foot, so that it is no longer necessary to regularly disinfect wall switches.

NodOn Control lighting with your foot

Easy to install and to use

The new device is easy to install on the floor or on a baseboard because it operates wirelessly and battery-free. This means that the Floor Switch allows an easy retrofit of lighting systems in existing buildings. The compatible ON/OFF lighting relay switch is installed in less than ten minutes. In the next step, the Floor Switch is paired with the relay switch in less than one minute and installation is complete. The solution can be used almost anywhere – for example in schools, offices or medical facilities. Furthermore, the switch is shockproof and resistant to cleaning agents.

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