Smart Building

Combining high performance with IoT architecture: SAUTER modulo 6

Author: Roland Hofstetter, Product Manager Building/Room Automation, SAUTER Head Office
Issue 02-2020: read all articles online read as pdf

SAUTER modulo 6 comprises compact, powerful hardware, intuitive cloud-based software, a wide range of integration options and strong data security, thus enabling future-oriented systems – from smart heating, ventilation and air-conditioning control to networked building clusters.

SAUTER modulo 6 provides thus far unequalled performance in terms of the number of data points per automation station, memory space and processing speed – all of this while taking up minimum space in the cabinet.

Barrier-free communication

SAUTER modulo 6 is based on BACnet/IP and integrates all of the usual field bus protocols such as Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, BACnet MS/TP, EnOcean, etc. for the control of heating, ventilation, climate, lighting and energy, while combining all systems into one stable, secure overall system.

The traditional separation of systems is being replaced by the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the  cloud. EnOcean sensors, buttons and room operating units can be integrated directly into modulo 6 automation stations using the SAUTER EnOcean Gateway. Via MQTT, data can be stored automatically in the cloud as required, or it can be integrated into the local system from the cloud. Cloud services are available for controlling, operation and engineering.


During product development, the focus was on ultimate user-friendliness. modulo 6 connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. An intuitively operated app enables access to measured values, control variables and system parameters. As an alternative to smartphone operation, Modulo 6 also has a local operating unit (LOI) with a high-resolution graphical color display.

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