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How a U.S. retail chain controlled lighting and HVAC during the COVID-19 crisis

Author: Ara Bederjikian, President, Titanium Intelligent Solutions
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Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, a U.S. retail chain with over one hundred locations in nine states was forced to reduce store hours. The retail chain uses Titanium technology to control its lighting and HVAC, which includes over 20,000 network wireless devices covering 10,000,000 square feet both indoors and outdoors. The chain was considered an essential business and thus remained open. As a result, many employees did not go into the office and therefore worked from home.

COVID-19 shutdown challenges

The first challenge was to revise the rules for controlling thermostats, indoor lights, and outdoor lights as quickly as possible to prevent energy waste. The second challenge was to be able to revise the rules remotely from wherever an employee was located.

Given the non-interoperability of traditional control systems, the U.S. retail chain would need to send a person on-site or, in some cases, access multiple systems to reflect the new COVID-19 hours.

Titanium How a U.S. retail chain controlled lighting and HVAC during the COVID-19 crisis

Remote control

The U.S. retail chain took full advantage of Titanium interoperability features by remotely and easily making these changes within a few hours. The new COVID-19 rules were cloned and then modified to reflect the revised hours and set points. The benefit was energy savings. After the country started reopening, the hours were effortlessly reverted to the previous settings.

Remote monitoring & alerts

Titanium control and monitoring can be done from anywhere using any internetenabled device. Titanium provides real-time data and analytics. It has structured automated alerts for managing risk-based temperature swings and other operational issues. An escalation process can be used to automatically identify issues to multiple managers based on the alert’s importance level.

Sustainable technology

Titanium is an advisory-based solutions platform built using sustainable technology. The platform minimizes hardware and maximizes software, which reduces e-waste, significantly lowers installation costs, reduces project costs, and yields virtually no hardware maintenance costs.

Titanium How a U.S. retail chain controlled lighting and HVAC during the COVID-19 crisis

Enterprise management

Titanium’s multi-network capabilities can turn a locally-managed building into an enterprise-managed intelligent building. It is the ideal platform for multi-location, multi-region customers.

Titanium is an enterprise IoT management platform with advanced capabilities for monitoring, control, analytics, and savings.

EnOcean Alliance benefits

The EnOcean Alliance is dedicated to promoting interoperability among its Alliance members. The U.S. retail chain benefited from this interoperability by using products from four different EnOcean Alliance members. With interoperability, it had remote monitoring and control capabilities for over 100 stores. Ultimately, the collaborations among the Alliance partners within the IoT spectrum help to develop new business opportunities.

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