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TRIO2SYS with upgraded EnOcean DIN RAIL actuators

Author: François Pillet, Export Department, TRIO2SYS
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Considering the prevalence and the variety of LED luminaires within new and existing buildings, more and more integrators are concerned with the integrity of their radio control equipment. Furthermore, their cabling process is to be optimized at any opportunity for extra competitiveness. As a consequence of these two market requirements, TRIO2SYS teams have upgraded their range of EnOcean DIN RAIL actuators with additional compatibilities and features.

On the one hand, the smart “zero-crossing” technology offers full compatibility with LED fixtures but also with traditional components, thus making the radio relay truly technology-agnostic.

TRIO2SYS New EnOcean DIN RAIL actuators

On the other hand, the actuator offers independent control of four separate channels from a single module. Such a feature becomes all the more relevant when cabling and electrical cabinets are to be optimized. The integration of the EnOcean technology is facilitated by mutualizing the costs of numerous lighting points through common radio modules.

Whether in smart modular constructions or condominiums, the benefits are evident in the improved installation process, faster schedules and the easy inclusion of smart services based on radio technology.

With regard to energy savings, this new actuator also transmits energy metering telegrams and includes a master control protocol to turn off every channel with a single order.

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