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Thermokon: Energy-efficiency in buildings made easy

Author: Cornelius Berns, Head of Sales, THERMOKON Sensortechnik
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Building automation with EasySens wireless products at “Schwabinger Quartier 2” in Munich, Germany

The “Schwabing Nord” building ensemble is located near the BMW Group’s Research and Innovation Center. When implementing Quartier 2, PKE Deutschland GmbH – an expert in building systems and building automation – relied on digital and analog measurement electronics from Thermokon. The EasySens® wireless system plays an important role.

In a gross floor area of 41,000 m², DIBAG Industriebau AG created an attractive commercial location that enriches this trendy district of the Bavarian capital. The goal was to develop a light-flooded, sustainable green building using modern construction methods.

DIBAG commissioned PKE Deutschland GmbH, a known specialist in user-friendly, innovative solutions for energy-efficient room and building automation, to implement a building automation concept for Quartier 2. In accordance with the client’s specifications, PKE focused on developing a concept that saves resources while allowing the office space to be used in a variety of ways and easily rearranged at any time.

EasySens enables flexible use of space

For the implementation, PKE selected solutions from Thermokon. The sensor expert had already distinguished itself in the course of various joint projects with high-quality measurement electronics “Made in Germany.” Holm Ebermann, Senior Project Manager at PKE, reports: “The required room flexibility could be implemented with the help of innovative products based on EnOcean technology, among other things. We selected Thermokon because of its powerful overall package, product portfolio, and service, including reliable, trustworthy development work and the integration of new solutions. In addition, the energy-autonomous EasySens wireless system met important prerequisites for implementing customer requirements.”

Integrated into DDC systems

This project used a total of three EnOcean-based solutions from Thermokon in the Schwabing Nord office and commercial complex. PKE’s automation concept required that Thermokon’s sensor technology work with two different DDC systems.

Reliable measurement of actual and target temperatures is provided by 180 SR07 P-type EasySens room control units. This stylish operating unit with potentiometer transmits its values to the central building automation system for further processing, thus ensuring a comfortable room temperature. The high degree of comfort is supported by 155 battery-free, wireless EasySens switches that control shading. An additional 200 EasySens wireless switches are used in rooms to change the lighting as required. Thanks to their wireless technology, all the solutions can be flexibly installed to permit a high degree of design freedom for architects, planners, and users.

Analog sensor technology from Thermokon also contributes to demand-oriented building automation in the building ensemble. Among other things, PKE selected Thermokon sensors for measuring the temperature in all heating and ventilation ducts and for pressure monitoring. The overall concept is rounded off by various condensation monitors and frost protection thermostats.

More than 500 EnOcean products in use

The main challenge in planning and implementing the building automation system was the large number of wireless-based EnOcean devices – more than 500 in total. To ensure full coverage, PKE used a tool in the planning phase that was suitable for mapping the various wireless ranges in the dwg and BIM plans.

Last but not least was the need for professional planning and organization of the implementation and installation. PKE was pleased with Thermokon’s service orientation. Product deliveries were always on schedule and in the specified quantities based on a LEAN plan to optimize workflows. In addition, the pre-configuration contributed to a significantly shorter commissioning time.

Smooth implementation

PKE Senior Project Manager Holm Ebermann is extremely satisfied with the implementation of the EasySens solution. “The EasySens ecosystem allows for a very quick installation and easy commissioning due to the fact that no cabling is required and pre-commissioning is possible before being on site. This is what makes EasySens an outstanding solution.”

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