Smart Building

Intelligent buildings made faster and easier: the new plug and play solution from myGEKKO

Author: Stefan Holzer, Project Manager, myGEKKO
Issue 02-2021: read all articles online read as pdf

It has never been easier, less time-consuming, or less labor-intensive to digitize existing buildings. The new software version from myGEKKO offers a plug and play solution that allows electricians and integrators to do just that: quick and easy installation, no programming required, and a system that is up and running in just a few clicks.

Regardless of whether it’s residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, or educational institutions, the new software version from myGEKKO Building Intelligence simplifies the digitization of existing buildings and considerably speeds up the process. For example, five to ten workplaces in existing office buildings can be completely digitized in just one day.

This is made possible by an EnOcean-based plug and play solution that allows efficient, simple, and fast digitization. It eliminates all programming because the myGEKKO visual user interface guides the user step by step through the installation process. New components such as lighting can be integrated into the system in just a few steps. Once the device is selected, it’s automatically connected to myGEKKO.

With just a few clicks, the system is up and running and all the technology of an existing building can be controlled and monitored digitally, including temperature, ventilation, shading, lighting, and alarms. This is an investment that will undoubtedly pay off for building owners. myGEKKO minimizes the effort required for operation and maintenance, optimizes energy consumption, and in this way lowers operating costs by up to 50 percent.

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