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Enlighted – beyond the smart office

Author: Carolyn Pensa, Partner Marketing Manager, Enlighted
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Enlighted Building IoT Platform is installed in over 410 million square feet of buildings worldwide. It is wireless lighting control that pays for itself through the energy savings it generates. Smart sensors capture information about what is happening in the building and send it to a data platform that drives analytics and intelligent software applications. Applications from Enlighted and partners improve operating efficiencies and occupant experience, enhance productivity, and optimize resource and asset use.

About five years ago, the company was working on first-generation smart workplaces that were designed primarily to achieve cost reductions. This smart infrastructure now represents a foundation on which more transformative solutions can be deployed for the “new normal” working environment.

Sensors as key to the smart office

The Enlighted Smart Office is an office that’s transformed into a space that acts as an assistant to building occupants, facility managers, and workplace experience planners. At its core is intelligence based on data about what’s happening in the building in real time.

Enlighted’s IoT platform is an open system that integrates third-party devices and software. The battery-free, wireless light switches from EnOcean provide all the room control features needed for an Enlighted system installation. The total cost of ownership is reduced because the need to run wires and replace batteries over time is eliminated. These switches interact with the Enlighted system via Bluetooth and work with Enlighted Connected and Enlighted IoT sensors.

For example, Enlighted’s lighting-based IoT sensors digitize the office by gathering a rich and continuous stream of data from every inch of the space. This data creates powerful insights and analytics, including space utilization and analytics for real estate optimization, and can provide real numbers when future decisions are made about what space is needed for the office and how the space should be used.

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