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Future-driven innovative office concept for IB.SH

Author: Cornelius Berns, Head of Global Sales, THERMOKON Sensortechnik GmbH
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The new headquarters on the Kiel Fjord is a milestone for the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH): 700 employees, who were previously spread across eight different locations, are now gathered under one roof. The office concept was designed for sustainability with the help of a well thought-out building automation system. Powerful room operating units from Thermokon play an important role in the concept.

In a total area of 22,000 square meters, the attractive building complex that is now home to the development bank of the state of Schleswig-Holstein contains not only innovative offices but also various team areas and flexible rooms for the new way of working. The architectural concept is contemporary and future-oriented, as evidenced by the sustainable construction and the intelligent building automation system. Both contribute noticeably to a reduction of energy costs. 

Melf Söth Schaltanlagen GmbH was the contractor and system integrator for the building automation system in buildings 5 and 6 and faced the challenge of networking air-conditioning technology, lighting, shading, and energy meters into a uniform BMS. Melf Söth received project support from DEOS AG, who supplied the controllers and the BMS software.

JOY: elegant appearance – efficient integration

In addition to intuitive operability, the project managers responsible were looking for a high-quality appearance as well as simple and rapid commissioning – requirements that the “JOY HC 3AO” room operating unit from Thermokon fulfills. The elegant design with the flat housing and large display that provides information on the time, room conditions, and the current status of the HVAC system, and the possibility of controlling the blinds, were just as attractive as the simplicity of integration into the building management system using the integrated Modbus interface.

Thermokon room operating unit Joy

JOY room operating unit, customized version including lighting and shading control

Thermokon SRW03

EasySens® SRW03 wireless window contact

Thermokon Thanos EVO

thanos multifunction room operating unit

The offices and meeting rooms in both buildings were equipped with a total of 406 JOY room operating units. Window monitoring, which was also a must-have for some of the rooms, was realized with a combination of around 70 EasySens® wireless window contacts and STC65+ EnOcean-Modbus gateways. For representative rooms with high-end design furnishings, Thermokon’s thanos was chosen. The project managers responsible aimed at providing a high-class finish using the premium solution with its high-resolution 4.8” touch display. In addition, control of the lighting, blinds, and ventilation systems was ensured in all rooms by integrating weather forecasts into the building management system.

High demands on the implementation

When integrating the room operating units into the building automation system, Melf Söth focused on efficiency and cost-savings. For this purpose, the room operating units, which were installed over a total of ten floors, had to be commissioned as quickly and seamlessly as possible. This meant that manual commissioning was out of the question. DEOS offered a solution. Using their software, the integrators were able to parameterize each room unit externally and centrally through BMS.

Time- and cost-saving configuration

Melf Söth found an efficient and flexible solution in the DEOS programming tools. Using the Modbus macros from the DEOS automation controller, the first step was to set the Modbus addresses on the Thermokon devices and then connect the devices to the BUS network. EnOcean-to-Modbus linking was carried out using Thermokon’s STC65+ gateways, which supported the central time- and cost-saving configuration. The clear display of all set parameters reduced potential configuration errors to a minimum.

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