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Self-powered IoT solutions

Author: Jas Gohlar, Technology Development Manager, element14
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Global electronics distributor and online community element14 is launching two cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) starter kits that tap into technologies from EnOcean and IBM. Both Entrepreneur and Enterprise editions provide out-of-the-box Pi-based solutions for both makers and industrial applications.

Both kits feature energy harvesting wireless sensors from EnOcean, and provide seamless integration into the IBM Watson IoT Platform. The Entrepreneur Kit includes EnOcean self-powered sensors, a Raspberry Pi and an EnOcean Pi board, and provides access to the IBM Watson IoT Platform and BlueMix service from IBM. The Enterprise model includes a smart EnOcean Gateway from Digital Concepts and EnOcean OEM self-powered sensor, which integrate directly with the IBM Watson IoT Platform and IBM BluemiX as well as TRIRIGA, the facilities management software from IBM.

Flexible and cost-effective

Using the popular Raspberry Pi single board computer, these out-of-the-box, IoT-ready starter kits are flexible and cost-effective gateways to developing intelligent building products for hospitals, homes, airports and other venues on the way to a seamlessly connected IoT. The Entrepreneur kit is more technical in nature, for ‘makers,’ engineers and start-ups, while the Enterprise model caters to facilities mangers, property owners and property management companies.

Self-powered wireless devices for smart buildings

Self-powered wireless sensors and switches from EnOcean are ideal for smart building  applications. No cables or batteries are required to switch lights, control blinds and acquire sensor information including temperature, humidity or presence detection. Sensors and actuators can directly communicate with each other, or they can be controlled through an central server. Users can also use them in smart building applications that require remote sensing and remote control via PC or smart phones.

element14 Self-powered IoT solutions

Raspberry Pi 3 model B

Connected to the cloud

The IBM Watson IoT Platform allows organizations to securely and easily connect devices, ranging from chips and intelligent appliances to applications and industry solutions. Scaling through cloud-based services and using rich analytics, the IBM Watson IoT Platform provides organizations with new insight for innovation and transformation. IBM TRIRIGA provides a single system to manage the lifecycle of facilities. Its integrated workplace management system increases the operational, financial and environmental performance of facilities.

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