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Author: Peter Smith, Head of Business Development, IAconnects Technology
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Digital Catapult requested a smart office solution for employee use and showcase purposes in its Future Networks Lab. The focus areas specified by Digital Catapult were desk and meeting room utilization and air quality monitoring.

Hot desking

Digital Catapult needed a quicker way of checking whether hot desks or meeting rooms were available. The company has a number of flexible desks, private booths and meeting rooms for multiple occupancy in the office on Euston Road, London.

Smart technical environment

IAconnects installed a smart office solution enabling employees to check individual and multiple desk and meeting room availability, along with the temperature and CO2 levels in different areas of the office. The installation included:

  • MobiusFlow IoT Edge gateway
  • NodeRed dashboard, allowing employees to make an informed desk choice based on a number of factors
  • Desk occupancy sensors to show which desks are available
  • EnOcean door and window magnetic contact sensors to show which doors and windows are open/closed
  • EnOcean presence detection sensors for meeting rooms and communal areas
  • A combination of EnOcean temperature and humidity sensors and air quality (temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC) sensors which will push alerts to the building and office managers informing them when levels are too high and action needs to be taken.

By processing live data via a gateway into an employee-accessed web application, Digital Catapult was able to quickly view available desks or meeting rooms and make an informed decision on which area to use, thus saving valuable time. The option to view the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in different areas of the office helped to improve the wellbeing and work rate of the employees.

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