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Smart building with EnOcean – a neighborhood for senior citizens in Hamburg

Author: Ina Fischbach, Authorized Representative for Sales and Project Management, Zuhause Plattform
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Since 2016, the smart building system from Zuhause Plattform, which uses self-powered EnOcean sensors, is increasingly becoming part of the basic equipment in new buildings and extensive renovation projects. In June 2022, the solution also moved into the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist in Hamburg’s Poppenbüttel district. The hospital is building a neighborhood – similar to a small city – specifically to meet the needs of seniors. In June 2022, Zuhause Plattform opened the first building as part of a smart building tour involving property developers and investors from the property management industry. A total of 23 buildings will be built. In the medium and long term, residents and tenants of the 60,000 m2 site can look forward to modern, barrier-free spaces that are energy-efficient and state-of-the-art.

Zuhause Plattform Hambug

Wide range of functions for residents and administrators

With the system solution based on IP technology, not only is the building itself digitized, but also the processes behind it. Everything about the building that can be digitized can be enabled via the ZP-EcoSystem from Zuhause Plattform.

The administrator can standardize issues and status messages individually (e.g. “defective radiator in the bathroom”) and, if necessary, they are captured digitally by the residents. Notices about restrictions (e.g. “restricted power supply: from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.”) can be made digitally accessible to residents within just a few seconds. Service providers are given fast and easy access to the building, and readings from heat and water meters and heat cost allocators are automatically read out wirelessly.

In Hamburg, Zuhause Plattform combines the main functions of video intercom, remotely readable smoke detectors and metering information, smart heat control, lighting, and shading into one complete system. The goal is to save resources in building construction, management, and use.

Ideal solution for the housing industry

With its self-powered actuators and sensors, EnOcean offers the ideal solution for the housing industry. Energy harvesting technology minimizes maintenance in the building, saving both time and money. The EnOcean standard gives the ZP EcoSystem a high degree of flexibility for retrofits and upgrades.

Open standards such as wireless M-Bus/OMS, remote detection systems, and web-based billing software result in a well-functioning overall system and pave the way for independence from previous meter reading processes.

The deployed system at a glance

The WohnungsAdapter acts as a video intercom and an interface between the operator and residents. Residents can use it to intelligently control shading and lighting (via OPUS BRiDGE switches) and heating (Afriso CosiTherm) as well as to view heat and water consumption at any time. At the same time, they can report issues digitally and receive building-related information from the administrator.

Zuhause Plattform Wohnungsadapter

Since the WohnungsAdapter receives and transmits EnOcean as well as wireless M-Bus, it can control the individual sensors and switches in the rooms and display their status. The secure ZP-EcoSystem enables the current meter data to be read out from the apartment and makes that information available to the administrator, ready for billing. With a live view, tenants always have an overview of their consumption data. From leak sensors to window contacts, the system can also be expanded to include a wide range of self-powered EnOcean components.

The HausAdapter makes the front door and the traditional doorbell smart. The video function increases security for residents and the building. When there is a change in residents, names are changed automatically and digitally. The HausServer in the service connection room connects the HausAdapter and Wohnungsadapter in a building and, in addition to the power and data supply, also ensures an uninterrupted power supply. Furthermore, it is the interface to the backend for maintenance and updates.

Zuhause Plattform Hausadapter

The ZP-HausAdapter replaces the doorbell and intercom at the front door. Among other things, it can be used to digitally update name plates.

Zuhause Plattform building technology brings the Internet of Things into buildings that have many residential and business units and digitizes management processes. The other buildings in the Hamburg neighborhood are already in the planning stages.

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