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Smart window sensor with EnOcean protects against intruders

Author: Florian Schmidt, Managing Director, EiMSIG
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Studies show that when it comes to intrusion protection, the window is a property’s weak point. It can be pried open in just a few seconds, allowing the intruder to enter the building unnoticed. Eimsig, a company based in Gudensberg, Germany, has developed a smart window sensor to address this very problem.

The sensor is equipped with the EnOcean wireless standard and monitors the window for breaking glass and jimmying. It responds to the first break-in attempt, regardless of whether the intruder is trying to smash the window or pry it open. The loud external alarm is triggered and a notification is sent to a stored phone number or the security service. Indeed, the sensor is so smart that it can tell the difference between environmental influences and heavy blows.

Mounting the sensor

The sensor itself is hidden in the frame and cannot be seen from the outside, which protects it from sabotage. It is connected to a central unit via encrypted wireless technology. The sensor’s special feature is that it monitors not only closed windows but tilted ones as well. All residents can sleep peacefully even when the windows are tilted open and the alarm system is activated.

Eimsig Smart window sensor with EnOcean wireless technology protects against intruders

Window sensor compatibility

EnOcean: The window sensor is compatible with all alarm systems that have the EnOcean wireless standard. A universal sensor, which is also equipped with the wireless standard, is available as well. It can secure all other access points in and around the house: main doors, side doors, garages and sheds.

Apple HomeKit: The window sensor is also available with the Bluetooth Low Energy wireless standard, making it compatible with Apple HomeKit and usable in HomeApp, with all its advantages, such as using an intercom via HomePod or HomePod mini for communicating with family members all over the house or controlling the alarm system with Siri voice control.

Eimsig Security System: With Eimsig Security System (3rd generation), the company offers not only a HomeKit-capable alarm installation but also its own complete system with a central unit and sirens that enables additional elements to be integrated. These include roller shutters, heating systems, lights, cameras, smoke and water detectors and much more. All components can be controlled from an app or the central unit anywhere and anytime.

Other applications for private and commercial properties:

  • Closure monitoring for all windows and doors: A glance at the app or central unit lets the user know which windows and doors are open, tilted or closed and also whether sliding doors or side doors are only shut or are also locked. This saves time and money, particularly in large commercial properties. The alarm system can be activated and deactivated via the app or the manual transmitter. HomeKit users can now relax: The Coming Home function makes it possible to automatically deactivate the alarm system as soon as the first resident with an unlocked iPhone returns home.

  • A smart front door and DoorBird intercom: A smart front door with a fingerprint sensor can be added to the system. The door opens automatically as soon as the user leaves a fingerprint impression. This simultaneously deactivates the alarm system, making it easy to use without inconvenient keys. The DoorBird intercom enables the user to see visitors via the integrated IP camera and also to talk to them. This can be done from any location using the app.

  • Forming second alarm groups: Customers who run a business from their private homes, in particular, welcome the ability to form different alarm groups. The advantage of this is that the alarm system can be activated and deactivated independently in the individual units. Employees are assigned a personal remote control for activating and deactivating the alarm system.

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