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Smart solution for home automation and complete energy management

Author: Uwe Fischbach, Head of the Smart Home/Smart Building Division at Kopp
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Kopp is presenting its comprehensive smart home solution based on modern Bluetooth 5 Mesh technology in its new in-house showroom. In 80 square meters of space, the exhibit simulates the requirements of a smart home, from controlling the lights, roller shutters and individual groups to energy management using energy storage units, hybrid power inverters, off-grid boxes and EV chargers. The solution also includes outdoor wind and luminosity sensors as well as smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors.

The devices are easy to control with the HomeConnect app, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. All system components, including two electric charging poles in front of the company building, can also be controlled and configured centrally via the myHomeControl software. However, the software can do even more: myHomeControl simultaneously displays, regulates and optimizes the energy flows within the home. Other functions include load management for avoiding load peaks and energy-optimized use of the Kopp electric charging stations. As a result, the building is largely self-powered.

Connecting energy-harvesting products from EnOcean

Self-powered, Bluetooth-based products from EnOcean, which earn high marks especially for interoperability and security, are integrated within the showroom. Motion detectors, multisensors and switch modules are exhibited.

  • The solar-operated motion detector uses a passive infrared sensor (PIR) to recognize the movements of people. It switches on the lights and plays music over a Sonos speaker when a person enters the room. If the alarm function is activated, the detector triggers the sound of dogs barking loudly upon unlawful entry to the building, turns on all the lights, makes them flash and opens the roller shutters. While this may be a huge spectacle in the showroom, it protects a real home against unwanted intruders.
  • The PTM 215B switch module obtains its energy from a kinetic energy converter when the switch is operated and is used for central functions, such as controlling all roller shutters or even all actuators.
  • The EMSIB multisensor, on the other hand, is operated by a solar cell and functions as a door and window contact in the showroom. It indicates the status of doors and windows and also provides lockout protection. Once set, shade timer functions take effect only if the patio door is closed so that, for example, lowered roller shutters controlled by a timer do not block the door while the homeowner is spending the evening in the garden. The multisensor also measures the room’s humidity and temperature. If the humidity is too high, the ventilation system is turned on. If the temperature exceeds a defined level, the roller shutters are lowered and shade the room. Like the motion detector, the multisensor also triggers the alarm scenario if this function is activated and doors or windows are opened.

Kopp Smart solution for home automation and complete energy management

Flexible and freely scalable solution

The self-powered, wireless and battery-free radio technology is a clear advantage of all three Bluetooth products from EnOcean because it allows them to be positioned anywhere in the showroom. No installation depth needs to be provided, and they can be screwed or glued onto a flat surface, such as glass, or pieces of furniture, such as a table. New solutions are regularly being added to the Kopp showroom because Bluetooth’s practicality lies in its scalability. The new Kopp showroom also provides plenty more space for integrating additional self-powered products from EnOcean.

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