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Design Offices – a perfect synergy of Casambi and EnOcean

Author: Saara Guastella, Product Marketing Manager, Casambi
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A combination of Casambi’s Bluetooth-based wireless lighting control system and EnOcean’s energy harvesting switches enhances flexibility in wireless lighting control. A prime example is Design Offices, the German leader in corporate coworking. The hybrid working model has become a major attraction for many employees, including post-pandemic, and Design Offices knows this only too well. The thoughtful and flexible design of their spaces – courtesy of designer Alexander Veiel Licht and using the Casambi and EnOcean solutions – offers an attractive and dynamic option for on-site working. Design Offices currently operates spaces in more than forty locations in fifteen cities across Germany, with approximately 173,000 square meters of new working space.

The new normal given an illuminating boost

Because all Design Offices coworking spaces are part of an ongoing dynamic leasing process, the lighting concept has been designed with this in mind and planned as not fixed to any one static idea. Occupants are given the option of deciding on and then activating the best lighting environment for their individual needs – letting them assume the role of lighting designer. As a result, Design Offices has achieved maximum flexibility for offices, thanks to a completely wireless control solution. This flexibility becomes apparent when any layout changes are required, from simple adjustments in furniture placement to more substantial changes like adding/subtracting walls or partitions. Because there are no wires, EnOcean switches can be moved at any time. Everything else is pure software, which means that changes can be made very easily.

Casambi and Design Offices use EnOcean technology for smart lighting

Casambi enables compatible products, including EnOcean switches, to create a wireless mesh network based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Casambi is also the only lighting control system in which wireless switches from EnOcean can be paired with the whole network, rather than just the nearest individual node, making the solution robust and smart.

Design Offices is well equipped to provide this kind of control, with the Hannover location alone having 2,500+ nodes and 200+ EnOcean switches – numbers exceeding those of normal office complexes.

Results that speak for themselves

There have been very noticeable, positive results from the combination of Design Offices’ design ethos, EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless switches, and Casambi’s control solution. According to David Sparfeld, House Manager for Design Offices Hannover, “Poor lighting is glaring and damaging to the eyes, which can make them tire quickly. All the better that we have large windows and can flexibly adjust room lighting – perfect for sustained concentration.”

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